Transforming the understanding, treatment, and prevention of addiction
Due to the outbreak and spread of Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19), ARRC will not be accepting walk-ins or new appointments until further notice.
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In anticipation of our opening please feel free to screen immediately online to see if you qualify for any of our studies! We have studies for people who drink, smoke, use other substances, or are in recovery. We also have studies involving those who may be overweight or have pre-diabetes. Click here for more information!

Decode Addiction

A hallmark of addiction is the tendency to choose immediate gratification over longer term, healthier benefits. Our research focuses on understanding the decision-making of addicts as a means to discover targets for new therapies.

Understand Recovery

Why do some people overcome addiction while others relapse? To gain insights into recovery, we launched the International Quit & Recovery Registry, which taps the wisdom and experiences of those in recovery from addiction.

Stimulate Change

To move from addiction to recovery requires change. We are exploring scientific methods to stimulate meaningful change that can help ensure success in recovery—and to revolutionize the treatment of addiction.