We are a diverse group with different scientific and personal interests but with a common bond – to make contributions that will advance science and our society.  Our group is composed of postdoctoral fellows, and graduate, medical and undergraduate students.


Greg Valdez, Assistant Professor

My research is focused on discovering molecules that protect synapses from the ravages of aging and age-related diseases. Synapses are the sites where information is passed between cells in the central and peripheral nervous systems. In addition to research, I am passionate about teaching and mentoring students.

Email: gvaldez1@vtc.vt.edu; Phone: 540-526-2076


Thomas Taetzsch, Posdoctoral Fellow

My research focuses on characterizing the function of the fibroblast growth factor binding protein (FGFBP1) at synapses and in skeletal muscles. In another line of research, I am studying the role of synaptically-enriched microRNAs in skeletal muscles.  In addition, I am investigating the integrity of the RISC-complex, molecules require for microRNA biogenesis and function, in disease conditions.

Email: taetzscht@vtc.vt.edu; Phone: 540-526-2096



Sydney Vaughan, Graduate Student, TBMH program


































Matheus Proenca, Visiting Graduate Student from Cristina Guatimosim lab at UFMG, Brazil: ; lead a collaborative project between our respective labs.

Alyssa Huntington, Undergraduate Student, VT:  Summer intern supported by Scieneering fellowship, made possible by a Howard Hughes Medical Institute Science Education Grant to VT.

Sabah Bangash, Lab Manager.

Patrick Stewart, Undergraduate at Elon University

Clare Burton, Undergraduate at Elon University

Austin Tatum, Undergraduate at VT

Kisha Gresham, Undergraduate at VT now a Grad student in TBMH program.

Lauren Kennedy, Undergraduate at VT now a Grad student in TBMH program.

Jessica Stockinger, Undergraduate at Roanoke College now Med Student at East Carolina Medical School.

Zachary Kemp, Roanoke Governor’s School now an Undergrad at VT.

Kaiwen Su, Undergrad at UVA