Studying the cellular and molecular mechanisms of synaptogenesis

Mechanisms underlying corticogeniculate circuit formation

Retinal input, aggrecan and ADAMTSs regulate the timing of corticogeniculate circuit formation (Seabrook et al. 2013; Brooks et al. 2013)

Matricryptins contribute to neural circuit formation

Collagen-derived matricryptins regulate cerebellar synaptogenesis by signaling through integrins (Su et al. 2012)

Mechanisms underlying retinal targeting

Reelin contributes to retinogeniculate circuit formation (Su et al. 2011, 2013)

Mechanisms underlying synaptic organization

Differential distribution, composition and morphology of nerve terminals in visual thalamus (Hammer et al. in press)

Mechanisms underlying neuromuscular junction formation

Sequential muscle-derived organizers pattern motor nerve terminal formation (Fox et al. 2007)

Unconventional collagens regulate pre- and postsynaptic development at the NMJ (Fox et al. 2007; Fox 2008; Latvanlehto et al. 2010)

Mechanisms of synaptic targeting

Aneural postsynaptic specializations guide motor axon targeting and synaptogenesis (Flanagan-Steet et al. 2005)